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Our History

Short Story

The “Ballı” brand is built through the Rashidovs' bee farms. This bee farm has 65 years of beekeeping experience. The beekeeping tradition of this family started in 1964. Thanks to the trust built over the decades, today, the customers gladly buy Ballı’s beekeeping products. Our products shows the exceptional results during the laboratory testing. Different kinds of our honey are collected from the various regions of Azerbaijan. Every one of our products, is valued by great specialists and our valuable customers. Currently, we are presenting the 8 types of natural honey, different beekeeping products and our “APILIFE” series to our customers. Our products are sold to our customers in through our online channels, shops and partners to the customers.

Our Mission

By choosing “Ballı”, you can provide your family with natural honey, which is guaranteed with years of beekeeping experience. As a brand, we would like to give short information about several important duties that we are responsible for:

1. First of all, to promote Azerbaijani honey in internal markets and later in external markets.

2. To raise awareness in society by using the our knowledge about honey.

3. To build more innovative bee farms.

4. To support other beekeepers in the country to sell their products under the brand “Ballı”.

5. To arrange regular events for our citizens to learn more about honey.